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Texas Natural History Collections

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Research Collections

  • Ichthyology (fishes) – More than 47,000 lots estimated to contain greater than 1 million specimens. More than half from Texas freshwaters, representing 192 counties. Database searchable online via GBIF. Species distribution maps and fish pictures available upon request.
  • Herpetology (amphibians and reptiles) – Includes 80,000 specimens of reptiles and amphibians: frogs, salamanders, caecilians, lizards, snakes, amphisbaenians, tuataras, crocodilians, and turtles. Database searchable online.
  • Invertebrate Zoology – Contains approximately 400,000 slide-mounted and alcohol-preserved specimens of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine organisms from many parts of the world, but with emphasis on the United States and Mexico. This collection will soon be housed at the Lake Austin Center.
  • Entomology – 250,000 specimens of dried pinned insects, their nests, and host plant voucher specimens. All entomological collections are now (as of August 2009) housed at the Lake Austin Center.
  • Ornithology/Mammalogy (birds and mammals) – 1,800 specimens of birds and more than 6,000 mammals, mostly from Texas and northern Mexico and mostly collected in the 1930s–1960s, have been transferred to Texas Tech University. Contact for information.