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Specimen Databases

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The Texas Natural History Collections (TNHC) supports the Natural Science Collection Alliances’ [previously known as Association of Systematics Collections' (ASC)] acknowledgement of the “...need to share data from collections as broadly as possible within the constraint of institutional stewardship responsibilities” (Hathaway, E.C. and K.E. Hoagland (eds.) 1993. ASC Guidelines for Institutional Database Policies. 76 pp. The Association of Systematics Collections, Washington, D.C.). It is in the spirit of that document that TNHC offers public access to its databases through this Internet connection, but asks that users be cognizant of the nature of the data, and that they abide by the following policy for database utilization.

Search the TNHC fish collection database using GBIF. Distribution maps are not currently available. Current as of Spring 2007.

Search the multi-institutional Fishes of Texas database. The Fishes of Texas Project is a multi-year research project that attempts to consolidate, standardize and fully georeference all of the known scientific information on the freshwater fishes of Texas.

Search the TNHC Herp collection database using HerpNet.

We welcome inquiries from non-scientists; however, scientific names are used for all taxa and common names are not included.

Records in these databases are accurate to the best of our knowledge and specimen holdings are updated whenever possible. Do not cite information from this database without first contacting the appropriate curator to verify that the information is up to date.