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Butterfly drawer Butterfly drawer

The Insect Collection contains 250,000 specimens of dried pinned insects, their nests and host plant voucher specimens. It contains more than two thirds Lepidoptera or butterflies and moths, but all orders of insects are represented.

Most of the specimens document geographic and seasonal occurrence of insect species across Texas, but there are important samples from other states, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia; as well as the historic Ludolph Heiligbrodt (1887) and Hugh Duval Collections from Bastrop County; and a collection of insect host plant voucher specimens.

The entomology collection is now stored at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory (BFL).

James R. Reddell, Interim Curator

Single butterflyButterfly specimen



Butterflies of Texas

Entomology Collection at BFL