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The Ichthyology Collection of the Texas Natural History Collections is part of the Texas Natural Science Center (TNSC) at The University of Texas at Austin. While the Texas Memorial Museum building houses the exhibits and administrative offices, the collections are located on the J. J. Pickle Research Campus.

Fish Room 1 shelves

The alcoholic collections currently occupy 1586 square feet, spread out over two rooms. We have over 43,000 lots (jars), most of which are “wet” collections. Our skeletal collection contains both cleared and stained fish, as well as dry skeletal preps. We have acquired several collections between 2000–2003 from Midwestern University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, and The University of Texas at Brownsville. We are working on cataloging the specimens, and will make the data available as soon as possible.

The Ichthyology collection currently consists of about 43,000 lots (900,000 specimens). The majority of these specimens are preserved for long-term storage in 70% non-denatured ethanol. We have a small selection of larval fish from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands that are in 10% formalin. The skeletal collection consists of 206 lots of dry skeletal specimens, many of which are from W. W. Dalquest and his students. There are also 233 lots of cleared and stained fish, nearly half are from the family Cichlidae.

Our earliest holding date from the 1900s, with a few collections in the 1930s and 1940s. There was a significant increase in 1950–1980, mainly due to Clark Hubbs and his students. In 1990 we acquired the Institute of Marine Science’s collection of ~ 3,000 lots of species from the Gulf of Mexico. Collections continue to the present, where many of our incoming specimens come from Dean Hendrickson and his students, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and USGS.

Please visit the collection information page for details on taxonomic/geographic coverage, our type collection, images, distribution maps, and indexes to North American and Texas freshwater fishes.

Previous Curators and current personnel

Zoology Curators: Dr. Frank Blair, Dr. Clark Hubbs, Dr. R. K. Selander.

TNSC Curators: E. Whitehouse, G. G. Raun, C. L. Douglas, and R. F. Martin.

Dr. Clark Hubbs, his family, and his students have greatly contributed to the collections. There are 1,825 lots (or an amazing 166,673 specimens) of Poeciliids that have the Hubbs name in the collector field, either as individuals, or as part of a group of collectors.

The Hubbs Ichthyological Society is intended to honor Clark and his career by continuing his life-long efforts to document the Texas freshwater fish fauna, to learn more about it, and to help protect it and the habitats it occupies.

Dr. Dean Hendrickson, curator since the fall of 1990, continues his work on Herichthys minckleyi, Mexican trout, and catfishes of the genus Prietella.

The current collections manager is Adam Cohen, hired in March 2013. Jessica Rosales Rains preceded him and was hired in the fall of 2000. Allison Anderson, Carol Malcolm, and Doyle Moiser were previous Collections Managers in both the fish and herp collections.

Loans and Visits

Need to request a loan? Please see our loan policy page for information about standard loans, tissue loans, and visits to the collection.

On-line database

Records up to Spring 2007 can be accessed via GBIF. Find information about the database and the search engine. We plan on have a fully accessible on-line version by the summer of 2009.