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Tissue Grant Letter of Agreement

Print Letter of Agreement in PDF format (download Adobe Reader).

Letter of Agreement


The Texas Natural History Collections (TNHC), Texas Natural Science Center (TNSC) has approved your request for XX tissue/DNA samples, in support of the project as requested in your letter of DD/Mmm/YYYY.

The following terms apply to this tissue grant:

  1. Samples will be used only for the purposes and collaborations stated in your grant request. If the material is to be used for other purposes or in collaboration with other researchers, written permission must be obtained from the Curator of Herpetology or Director of TNSC.
  2. Any unused sample must be returned to TNSC by DD/Mmm/YYYY. Additionally, the grantee agrees to return a portion of the extracted DNA to TNSC, if requested.
  3. Neither the samples, nor any extract or product of these, may be given or sub-loaned to another laboratory or investigator without written consent from TNSC.
  4. Samples will not be used for commercial purposes, nor license or patent applied for on the samples or any information or data derived from their use without written consent from TNSC. All commercial rights for any discovery associated with these samples remain the property of TNSC, or as stipulated in agreements for acquisition of the samples between TNSC and foreign governments or agencies.
  5. Grantees should acknowledge "Texas Natural History Collection, Texas Memorial Museum" and report TNHC sample and/or voucher specimen numbers in publications resulting from use of the samples. Researchers also may need to acknowledge other institutions and grant numbers for samples donated to the TNHC.
  6. Sequences must be submitted to GenBank and must be accompanied by the TNHC voucher number and appropriate collection data (locality, etc.). The Grantee should notify TNHC of the accession numbers of GenBank sequences.
  7. Grantees are asked to send a reprint or PDF file of publications resulting from research on or other use of the samples.
  8. If applicable, grantees/institutions must possess a CITES Institutional permit to receive samples of CITES-listed taxa.
  9. The grantee agrees to pay shipping costs ______. Shipping costs waived _____.
  10. The grantee will supply labeled tubes_______. Tubes supplied by TNHC _______.


If you agree to these terms, sign and date this letter and return it by mail.

David Cannatella, Curator of Herpetology:




Researcher 1:

Researcher 2:


Return to:
David Cannatella
Section of Integrative Biology,
Univ. of Texas
1 University Station C0930
Austin, Texas 78712