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Field Survey Sites

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Barton Creek Habitat Preserve

Barton Creek Habitat Preserve is located in SW Travis County, and is managed by The Nature Conservancy. TNHC staff, and faculty and students from Integrative Biology, and Geology have surveyed the area several times. Species lists for FISH, and REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS have been compiled. We are working on lists for BIRDS, MAMMALS, INSECTS, DIATOMS, and SNAILS. You can also view a complete list of all species without dates or photos.

Miller Ranch

Coming soon.

Waller Creek on The University of Texas campus

Waller Creek runs through the heart of the City of Austin, and is one of, if not the most, heavily urbanized watersheds in the city. Its headwaters are just south of U. S. Hwy 183. It runs through many urban neighborhoods, The University of Texas, Waterloo Park and the heart of downtown. Along its banks are 4 major hospitals, two museums (Elizabeth Ney Museum and the Texas Memorial Museum), the Austin Convention Center and many state, city and private business offices. Unlike streams in less urbanized areas of Austin, much of Waller Creek has year round flow due to seepage from city water lines. In spite of the heavy urbanization, Waller Creek is an oasis of biodiversity in the city. As far upstream as The University of Texas, Texas Natural Science Center staff have documented regular occurrence of three species of heron, wood ducks, breeding populations of five species of fish, several species of non-venomous snakes, and many species of invertebrates and algae. It has also been a barometer of urban pollution, having been a subject of Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring, and more recently a site of concern about concentrations of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

A species list of FISH is available. More species lists coming soon.

Complete list of all species without dates or photos.

Waller Creek Biota on