Communication Toolkits: digital

Signage, electronic messaging, and notices in event programs and marketing let students, faculty, staff, and visitors know we are a tobacco-free campus. Help us spread the word using these downloadable files. Please don’t recreate or manipulate these graphics. The vector files may be resized but should not be recreated. For exceptions please contact Rhonda Weldon at 512-350-8913.

EPS and Illustrator

Graphic artists may use these logo files when creating communications and marketing materials or on a website. When reproduced in color the logo should appear in The University of Texas at Austin’s signature color, burnt orange (PMS 159; Web #CC5500) and dark blue (PMS 540; Web #003057). The logo may also be converted to grayscale if needed.


Download and post these files for small, special events or in areas where temporary signage may be necessary. The files are provided in color, but will also print nicely in grayscale.


Incorporate one of these PowerPoint slides into your presentations or use it as one of many rotating images on an LCD screen in high traffic areas.