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Loggia (Southern Porch) - The designs in the floor of the Loggia are made from slabs of Crab Orchard stone and the steps leading into the main entrance are constructed of Austin Hard Shell stone. The walls around the windows and doors are ornamented with different colors of quartz aggregates, and the wooden ceiling is painted with geometric patterns.

The cornerstone from the Old Main Building is located on the east end of the Loggia. The quotation on the Bronze Tablet commemorates the importance of the original Main Building.

The cornerstone of The University of Texas now about to be laid far surpasses in solemn importance and in weighty, widely diffusive and long reaching consequences, any cornerstone of any building hitherto laid, or likely hereafter to be laid, in the broad territory among the future millions of Texas.

- from the address of Ashbel Smith, M.D., first chairman of The University of Texas Board of Regents, November 17, 1882, at the laying of this cornerstone.

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12 May 1999
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