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The interior of the Main Building conceals an abundance of sculptural and architectural surprises.

detail of MAIN 400 detail of third floor detail of MAIN 212 detail of library detail of ceiling

Main 400

Classical images adorn the Office of the President, which originally served as the rare book library.

Third Floor

Ceiling decorations in Main 316 enrich the former location of the Latin American Book Collection.

Second Floor

The magnificent Academic Room is only one of the rooms embellished with elegant details.

Life Science Library

The reading rooms are filled with an array of images and quotations.

Details and More

Light fixtures, marble floors, and ornate ceilings. Classical details are evident throughout the interior.


The exterior of the Main Building reveals that this structure was built to be a central towering icon to the pursuit of knowledge.

detail of south detail of loggia detail of north gate detail of east side detail


The grand stairway leads to the southern entrance of the Main Building through the seven arches of the loggia.


The covered porch faces south with a remarkable view of the Capitol.


The iron gates display a simplified version of The University Seal.

East and West

Eagles, shells, and Cicero. The building is enhanced by the names of great writers, seals of major universities, and interesting details.

Details and More

The University Seal is the central emblem above the southern entrance.

You can also take a special guided tour, Scenes from the Top, around the observation deck of the UT Tower.

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12 May 1999
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