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detail over door

Detail over entrance in Main 400


stairway stairway and ceiling

The grand central stairway is constructed of marble and bordered by wrought iron and bronze balustrades. Ornamental patterns in blue and gold cover the ceiling.



stained glass

At the end of the eastern corridor, inside of the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies, is a transom stained glass window preserved from the west doorway of Old Main. A gift of the Class of 1909.

stained glass

In the stairway between the third and fourth floor, is the stained glass window from the south doorway of Old Main.


light fixture

Throughout the building there are magnificent light fixtures designed by Edwin J. Cole of Chicago.

light fixture
Black Tennessee Marble

Imperial black Tennessee marble is used for many doorframes and drinking fountains.


Looking up Basement

The basement is filled with a multitude of pipes, wiring, and utilities which keep the Main Building functioning.


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12 May 1999
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