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Second Floor


Stairs A grand marble staircase with ornate iron and bronze railings rises from the ground floor to the second floor of the Main Building and the entrance to the Life Science Library.
Hall The southern hallway is a portrait gallery displaying portraits of distinguished individuals who were significant to The University:

Logan Wilson, President of UT 1953-1960; Mrs. James B. Clark, wife of James B. Clark, long-time member of the Library staff, and guardian of the campus flowers; W.J. Battle, Professor of Classical Languages and President ad interim; H. J. Parlin, Professor of English and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Harry Yandell Benedict, President of The University 1927-37; Alexander W. Terrell, active supporter of The University in the Legislature; A.P. Woolridge,influencial Secretary of the Board of Regents and Mayor of Austin; and George Washington Brackenridge,1832-1920, first great benefactor and long-time regent.

Batts The walls in the central elevator lobby are faced with limestone over a base of black marble with a richly decorated ceiling. On the north wall, next to the stairway, is a bronze plaque of R.L. Batts, Professor of Law, United States Circuit Judge, and Regent of The University, who died in 1935.
Main 212

Main 212

The large bronze and glass doors lead to the Academic Room (formerly the conference room for the Board of Regents). This room is two stories high and was intended for formal University functions. Silk damask covers the walls and plaster floral patterns covered in gold leaf decorate the vaulted ceiling. Along the ceiling and walls are engraved citations on the topics of knowledge and education.

Columns The rooms in the southern portion of both the east and west wings were designed as colonnaded outdoor reading rooms, but before completion of the building they were enclosed with glass to be used as classrooms. Today they house the Office of Institutional Studies in the west wing, and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost in the east wing.
The rooms located on either side of the Academic Room were intended to be reading rooms, one for men and one for women. The room to the west, Main 210, containing plaster busts of Franklin, Caesar, and Voltaire was formerly the Office of the Chancellor. This space is currently used as a conference room.

Franklin Caesar Voltaire

The room to the east, containing plaster busts of Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Homer, is currently the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Shakespeare Sophocles Homer



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