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The third floor is divided into northern and southern sections. The northern section housed the Library school and the Latin-American room. The southern section contained the classical sculpture gallery and classrooms. The classical sculpture gallery contained fifty full-size plaster copies of famous pieces of ancient sculpture such as the Aprhodite from Molos and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. Dr. Battle ordered the plaster casts for the Classics Department at the turn of the century for approximately $12.00 each. The William J. Battle collection of plaster casts is currently on display at the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art at UT Austin. ceiling design1
The Library School at the east end of the corridor was designed in the Elizabethan style because it was intended to house the English collection of books. All that remains of this room are the bookshelves and the ceiling decorations.
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Latin ceiling design The Latin American room was designed in a Spanish style. This style was evident in the cork flooring, decorative blue and white tiles and Spanish ceiling decorations.

corn wood carving

leaf wood carving

latin ceiling design


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12 May 1999
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