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In The News


Carillon Bells Up Close and Personal

The Carillon

"Power of Tower Chimes Rings Out UT Spirit. Daily Texan. October 1, 1952.

"Music Suits the Season On University Tower Chimes." Daily Texan. November 18, 1953.

"No 'Blue Skies' Next Week." Daily Texan. December 12, 1954.

"Carillon Bells to Ring in Christmas Program." Daily Texan. December 18, 1956.

"Hymns, Folk Songs 'Out' For Friday Chime Ringing." Daily Texan. October 15, 1961.

"Lee Kohlenberg Sends Songs Soaring From Tower Heights." Daily Texan. January 8, 1964.

"Tower Chimes UT Tradition." Daily Texan. October 9, 1972.

"The Tower Bells: Messenger of the Campus." Alcalde. May/June 1978.

"Regents Approve UT Centennial Bell Project, Award Contract." Daily Texan. April 11, 1980.

Carillon Bells

Some of the Smaller Carillon Bells

Carillon Bells and Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson - Carilloneur

"Tower Chimer Fills Air With Varied Tunes." Daily Texan. March 22, 1984.

"Alumni Gift Results in Set of Tower Bells." Daily Texan. June 29, 1987.

"A Few Facts About the Kniker Carillon in the Main Building Tower." On Campus. November 2-8, 1987.

"Woman for whom Kniker Carillon named left mark as a geologist." On Campus. November 2-8, 1987.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls." Daily Texan. February 6, 1995.

The Tower Fire

"20th FLOOR BURNS." Summer Texan. August 10, 1965.

"Research Assistant Turns in Fire Alarm." Summer Texan.. August 10, 1965.

"Insurance Covers All but $100,000." Summer Texan. August 10, 1965.

"Wet, Rancid Rooms Mark Tower Floor." Daily Texan. August 10, 1965.

"Barnum, Houdini Items Safe in Fire." Dallas Times Herald. August 11, 1965.

"Sparks Blamed for Tower Fire." Daily Texan. August 20, 1965.

"Losses Minor In Tower Fire: Collections Damaged as 20th Floor Burns." Daily Texan. September 14, 1965.

"UT Tower Has Seen Fire, Suicides, Abuse." Daily Texan. September 22, 1965.

"Quarterly Chime From Tower Mute for Work Safety." Daily Texan. March 17, 1966.

"Observation Deck To Reopen May 2 Following Repairs." Daily Texan. March 20, 1966.

1965 Tower Fire

Tower Fire of 1965

Old Main Tower

Old Main Tower

The Old Main Building

"Old Building at Texas U. Will Be Razed." San Antonio News. August 13, 1936.

"University History is Reviewed at Dedication Ceremonies." Daily Texan. February 29, 1937.

"Posey Pens Farewell To U. T.’s ‘Lone Goth’." Daily Texan. May 28, 1938.

"The Old Main Tower." Alcalde. June 1948.

"1930 Skyline Didn't Tower." Daily Texan. April 1,1955.

"Culture of Old Main: Steeped in Traditions." Daily Texan. March 27, 1958.

"Old Main Building Memorial." Alcalde. June, 1934.

"UT Tower an Old Landmark." Daily Texan. August 10, 1965.

"Old Main Bricks Widely Recycled." Austin American-Statesman. June 11, 1989.

The New Main Building

"Skyscraper at UT is all but ready to be moved into." The Austin American-Statesman. May 21, 1937.

"Texas Tower Rises High." San Antonio Light. March 8, 1936.

"University of Texas Gets New Skyscraper on Campus." Talco News. June, 25, 1937.

"Old Stogie Encased In Main Cornerstone." 50th Anniversary Texan. May 12, 1950.

"Main Building: monument to learning." Daily Texan. February 20, 1978.

"Paul Cret at Texas." Daily Texan. April 4, 1983.

New Main Construction

Observation Deck is Closed

The tower observation deck has been closed since early 1975 after multiple incidents led to its closure.

Protests to Reopen Observation Deck

"SA proposes to reopen floor as observation deck." Daily Texan. February 25, 1993.

"UT TOWER; Regrettably, finances are too tight for a reopening." Houston Chronicle. March 31, 1993.

"Student proposals fail to persuade University officials to reopen Tower." Daily Texan. August 1, 1996.

"SG issues own proposal to reopen Tower observation deck." Daily Texan. May 6, 1998.

"UT Tower may be reopened." Houston Chronicle. October 3, 1998.

"A New View." Houston Chronicle. October 25, 1998.

"An ivory tower icon in Texas may be saved." The Boston Globe. November 9, 1998.

Tower from the Southwest

Southern view from the UT tower observation deck.

Observation Deck to Reopen

"UT to reopen observation deck on tower." Houston Chronicle. November 13, 1998.

"NOTORIOUS TOWER AT UNIVERSITY TO REOPEN." Los Angelos Times. November 13, 1998.

"UNIVERSITY TOWER TO BE REOPENED." Sacramento Bee. November 13, 1998.

"University of Texas to Reopen Clock Tower Closed After Suicides." New York Times. November 17, 1998.

Tower Trivia

"Tower Sounds Air Raid." Daily Texan. November 17, 1942.

"Main Building’s Third Floor Grayed Greek Statues Show Signs of Old Age After 25 Centuries of Life." Daily Texan. September 17, 1953.

"Mysterious Balconies Bring Back Memories." Daily Texan. April 4, 1965.

"The president’s office." Daily Texan. December 13, 1976.

"Hall's chisel left towering mark on UT." Daily Texan. December 2, 1993.

"DID YOU KNOW?" Daily Texan. March 26, 1998.

"‘Ceiling Art’ Thing of Past." Source Unknown. Date unknown.

Eyes of Texas Musical Score

Eyes of Texas Musical Score

Clock Face

Tower Clock

"Twelve-Foot Library Clock To Spread Time Five Miles." Daily Texan. January 16, 1936.

"The day that time stood still on campus." On Campus. November 5-11, 1979.

"Orange Lights Now Mean Only That the Current Is Turned On." Daily Texan. October 8, 1947.

"Orange Lights Use Decided." Daily Texan. October 8, 1947.

"Tower Gets 'Lit'." Daily Texan. November 1950.

Tower Lighted Number 1

Tower lights are used to celebrate UT victories.

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