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Observation Deck To Reopen May 2 Following Repairs
The Tower observation deck will be reopened May 2, after a 50-day water-proofing contract has been fulfilled, Carl J. Eckhardt, director of the physical plant, has announced.

Workers on scaffolds are applying an exterior water-resistant coating to the Tower’s upper heights.

The Tower chimes, which have been discontinued to prevent workers from being frightened off their 27 story high perches, will resume their Westminster peal as soon as safety permits, the director said.

The May 2 opening of the observation deck will be the first since the fire last summer.

The fire broke out August 10 between the twenty-first and twenty-second floors, causing smoke and water damage to collections of books and documents.

Daily Texan. March 20, 1966.
Article by: Unknown

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3 May 1999
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