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Sparks Blamed for Tower Fire
Cutting Tools Said Cause of Blaze

The recent twentieth-floor fire in the Tower "apparently started by sparks on molten metal from cutting tools used by men installing on air-conditioning/heating unit in the building."

Horace B. Whitworth, University fire marshall, gave the opinion and added, "We think sparks from the tools fell through an opening in the wall and started a fire on some papers in Room 2007."

Room 2007 was in a project under the direction of Dr. Henschel T. Manuel, professor emertus of education psychology.

W. W. Heath, chairman of the Board of Regents, issued a statement about the damaged Theatre Arts collection. "A few valuable items were destroyed," he said. "Others were water-soaked or soiled by smoke and debris, but most are restorable."

Portions of the Harry Houdini, P. T. Barnum, Robert Downing, and Norman Bel Geddes collection were destroyed.

"They are irreplaceable," said Dr. Fredrick Hunter, Theatre Arts Library curator.

Daily Texan. August 20, 1965.
Article by: Unknown

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3 May 1999
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