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Old Main Bricks Widely Recycled

Q.My grandfather worked on construction of the UT Tower. He said that when they tore down the Old Main building they labeled all the bricks and stored them somewhere on the University campus so they could re-build Old Main.

Could you find out where they are? -Jay

A.They are EVERYWHERE. Of your grandpa labeled and stored all those bricks, he is Superman.

Once we started looking for them, the trail spread all over Austin and then we just gave up and decided to give you an idea of where some of the bricks are.

They're not stored at UT.

Janet Fish helped us find the most bricks! She gets the Old Main Brick Award.

Her father, Walter E. Long, loved those old bricks, saved them, then used them in homes. He built a duplex at 1806 Pearl St. of Old Main brick.

Janet's son's house at 2401 Winsdor is built of Old Main brick.

Terry and Judy Bray's house at 2 Green Lanes is built of Old Main brick.

The front part of the house at 3 Green Lanes is built of Old Main brick.

The old Roy White house at the corner of Gaston and McCallum is Old Main brick.

Some of the bricks in the patio behind the Colonial Dames House at 2310 San Gabriel are Old Main bricks.

Some say the old Austin Country Club on Riverside had Old Main bricks in it.

Margaret Berry, UT's unofficial historian, found Old Main bricks in the fireplace of the late Shorty and Mary Bice Alderson at 1211 Applegate.

Margaret said the house of Lucy Ross at 2201 Hopi Trail is built of Old Main brick.

(Margaret says, "And I have an Old Main brick!")

The Delta Kappa Epsilon house at 2501 Pearl was built of Old Main bricks. When the house was demolished, Dr. Tom Barnett built condos on the site, named them Old Main Condominiums, used Old Main bricks in all the fireplaces.

Wind shafts of the present Main Building are lined with a good many Old Main bricks.

Austin American-Statesman. June 11, 1989.
Article by: Unknown

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3 May 1999
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