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Texas Tower Rises High

Partially-Completed Main Building Tower

Administration-Library of Texas U.
Stately 308-foot tower soon to be enclosed.

Austin, March 7,--

In a short time the sightly and impressive tower of the administration-library building of the University of Texas will be encased in stone facing. The construction of this 308-foot tower and the second unit of this central building upon the original 40-acre campus of the university will be completed this fall, perhaps by the time the next long session opens. The total cost of the new administration-library building, which occupies the site of the original main building, will be approximately $2,800,000, including fixtures.

The tower will consist of 28 bookstack stories, surmounted by an observation platform, clock and belfry. Of the 28 stack floors, 14 will be used for stacks, 6 for offices, 6 for seminar rooms and 2 for special libraries.

San Antonio Light. March 8, 1936.
Article by: Unknown

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3 May 1999
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