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Old Stogie Encased

In Main Cornerstone

A withered cigar is enshrined in the cornerstone of the Main Building. It is part of the contents of a lead box placed in the corner of "Old Main" back in 1882.

When the building was torn down in 1924, the box was opened--after a two-hour bout.

In it were the cigar, some Texas pecans, a street-car token, theater programs, a picture of Queen Victoria, several newspapers, and a swarm of red ants.

The lead box was put in the new Main Building cornerstone in 1937. On top was placed a copper box. In it were names of the Board of Regents, University publications, and various newspapers for another generation to discover.

The 50th Anniversary Texan. May 12, 1950.
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3 May 1999
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