Scenes from the Top - Your Escort Introduction Observation End Tour

Your tour begins on the first floor of the Main Building, where you meet your UT Police escort, Officer J. J. Once in the elevator, J. J. presses 27. Moments later, the elevator doors open on the 27th floor, right into a locked door. It is the first of several barriers that you will encounter on your trek to the top.

Officer J. J. unlocks the door. Stepping out, you turn right, into the building's stairwell, and climb a half-flight of stairs. You stop at a locked, steel-mesh door. Officer J. J. unlocks it, and you both ascend several more stairs until another locked door blocks passage. Officer J. J. leads you through.

You now stand inside a drab and stuffy room of blue-gray floors, walls, ceilings, and doors. The building's elevator shaft occupies the center of the room. The rest of the room is sprinked with faded furniture. Old photographs hang on one of the walls. Bright warm sunlight pulls you to the windows of the room.

Unlocking the final barrier, Officer J. J. invites you to step out onto the observation deck.

Scenes : Introduction Escort Observation Deck End

23 October 96
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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