Scenes from the Top - North

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At the center, left edge, you see the College of Communication, as in the northwest view.

At bottom left, you see the red roof of the Biological Laboratories.

Above it, you see the Geography Building as in the northwest view.

Behind it, is a quadrangle of dormitories: Andrews, Carothers, Blanton, and Littlefield. Beyond that is another dormitory: Kinsolving, which houses the Division of Housing and Food Service.

At bottom right, you see the red roof of Painter Hall. Above it is the Experimental Science Building and several other science buildings, all identified on a campus area map.

Center, near bottom, you see the stately U-shaped Gearing Building, with its splendid courtyard.

Immediately north of campus is another popular student-housing area, served by the IF Shuttle Bus. The bus route bisects the Hyde Park neighborhood, a mix of apartments, condos, and old cottages.

When you are ready, walk over to see the northeast view.

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29 November 2000
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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