Scenes from the Top - Northeast

Install QuickTime VR then click on the scene above to download its VR movie.

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The long building stretching from the lower left corrner is Experimental Science (ESB), as in the north view.

You can the tops of the trees that line 24th Street, in front of ESB. Above and to the right of ESB, you can see Speedway, which runs perpendicular to 24th. North, Speedway runs through the Hyde Park neighborhood. South, it runs through campus, becomes Congress Avenue, wraps around the Capitol Building, and heads south out of town. 24th Street and Speedway are the northern and eastern boundaries respectively of the original campus.

Across Speedway, you see several tall, brown, brick buildings, all identified on a campus area map. This area of campus houses science, engineering, and mathematics departments.

Beyond this highrise complex, center right edge, you see a white building. This is the School of Law.

The cream-colored triangle at bottom center is the ledge of the observation deck wall. To its right, is Welch Hall.

When you are ready, walk over to see the east view.

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29 November 2000
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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