Scenes from the Top - Northwest

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There is Castilian again, center, left. The street that's running to its right is 24th Street, which is a major western entrance into campus. You can see 24th on the campus map.

Across 24th from Castilian is a small building with a bluish mural painted on its side. That's Tower Records. Behind Tower Records is Whole Earth Provision Company, a clothing and camping store, with its roof barely visible from here. Just beyond that is a multilevel parking garage.

To the right of the garage is the red-brick Walter Webb Hall which is a faculty center. It also houses the Office of Public Affairs.

To its right is a dark-skinned, boxy, windowless buidling and its beige-colored, equally boxy companion. This complex makes up the College of Communication.

In the lower right corner, you see the Geography Building, which houses the Geography Department.

Behind it, you see two dormitories: Andrews and Carothers.

At the horizon, you see the hills of west and northwest Austin.

When you are ready, walk over to see the north view.

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20 March 2001
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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