Scenes from the Top - South

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You are standing on the south side observation deck, looking out onto one of the most beautiful areas on campus: the South Mall. It's a wide, grassy area flanked by two walkways. You can't see the walkways from here, as they are totally obscured by the canopy of the oak trees that line them.

The mall is bordered by six red-roofed buildings, commonly referred to as the six pack. They were constructed in the 1930s. On the left are Batts and Mezes and Benedict. On the right are Parlin and Calhoun and Old Music.

Lower right and left, in the foliage of the nearest oak trees, you can just see the U.S. flag (right) and the Texas flag (left).

The tall, greenish, reflective-glass tower at top right is Dobie Mall, a private dormitory. The bottom two floors of Dobie contain a small mall, with a food court, clothing stores, bookstores, Dobie Theatre, and the University Federal Credit Union.

The building to the left of the six pack is the Graduate School of Business.

Beyond campus lies downtown Austin. If you follow the South Mall axis into downtown, you can just see the dome of the Capitol Building.

Now, turn around and look up. Isn't the clock (87K) huge? There is a face on each side of the Tower.

When you are ready, walk over to see the southwest view.

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20 March 2001
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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