Scenes from the Top - Southwest

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Along the lower left, you see three of the buildings of the six pack, all of which you just saw in the south view.

Beyond the six pack, you see the western edge of downtown Austin.

The boxy white building to the right and near side of Dobie is the Harry Ransom Center (HRC), which houses a museum that contains UT Austin's copy of the Gutenberg Bible (70K).

Just on this side of HRC is Sutton Hall and to its right, the U-shaped Goldsmith Hall, both of which house the School of Architecture.

The cream-colored triangle in the bottom right corner is the ledge of the observation deck wall. Just above its left edge is Battle Hall, the second oldest building on campus and one that many consider the most beautiful.

Beyond campus, you see the southern edge of west campus, a student-housing area. Towards the horizon, you see southwest Austin.

When you are ready, walk over to see the west view.

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10 December 2000
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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