Scenes from the Top - West

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Along the lower left, you see two sides of the U-shaped Goldsmith Hall, which you just saw in the southwest view.

To the right of Goldsmith is the shady, tree-lined West Mall (70K), a thriving center of activity on campus all year round.

The far end of the mall terminates at Guadalupe Street, the commercial strip along the western boundary of campus known as the Drag.

The flat, dirty-white square at bottom center is the roof of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC), also known as the UGL, because it houses the Undergraduate Library (UGL).

On the second floor of FAC, you will find the Student Microcomputer Facility, a popular 193-seat computer lab.

Just beyond FAC is the Union Building, which houses the Texas Union.

To the right of FAC is Hogg Auditorium, used mainly as a campus movie house.

Beyond the Drag, you see the heart of west campus. Filled with apartments, condos, and houses, it is a popular area with students, because it is so convenient to campus. Even at the farthest edges, it is an easy 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride to campus. The area is also serviced by the free West Campus Shuttle Bus.

The tall white highrise is Castilian, a private dormitory. Behind its left edge is University Towers, another private, highrise dormitory.

At the western horizon, you see the hills of west Austin.

When you are ready, walk over to see the northwest view.

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20 March 2001
TeamWeb at UT Austin
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