February 2015

The Parking Strategies Report  (presented to campus during the fall of 2014 in a series of town hall and stakeholder meetings) has been finalized. The report reflects the feedback received and is approved to move forward with the recommended parking principles and modest permit increases over the next five years. Comments and suggestions unrelated to the report itself (e.g., requests for more parking options, recommendations for improved shuttle services, etc.) were noted for future consideration.

The Parking Strategies Committee would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students who participated in the campus meetings and provided their thoughtful observations, questions, and general comments concerning the report recommendations and Parking and Transportation Services operation in general. Your consideration and honest evaluation of the committee’s recommendations were greatly appreciated.

The recommended parking principles (page 44 of the report) are effective immediately while the new, 5-year permit rate structure (page 54-55 of the report) takes effect in Fiscal Year 15-16.

If you have questions regarding the report or the committee’s recommendations, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Bob Harkins, Associate Vice President
Campus Safety and Security

Faculty Representatives:

Randy Machemehl
Cockrell School of Engineering

Patricia Somers
College of Education

Hunter March
College of Fine Arts

Glenn Richter
College of Fine Arts

Betsy Greenberg
McCombs Shool of Business  

Staff Representatives:

Stuart Tendler
Staff Council
College of Liberal Arts

Latoya Hill
Office of the Dean of Students

CJ Wiles
Project Management & Construction Services

Karen Blaney
Sustainability, Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Jerry Fuller
Procurement & Payment Services

Tim Hawkins
Applied Research Laboratories

Undergraduate Student Representatives:

Carol Carter
McCombs School of Business
College of Liberal Arts

John Brown
College of Liberal Arts

Graduate Student Representatives:

Iona P.J. Williams
Cockrell School of Engineering

Jian Zhang
College of Natural Sciences