Request 3

3. A report on the results of implementation of some form of shared services in the College of Liberal Arts and wherever else such programs exist already. We (the Faculty Council) assume that those programs that prove to be successful will be retained

The Shared Services Steering Committee will make recommendations concerning how existing instances of shared services should be incorporated into the overall campus piloting of shared services. Those recommendations are likely to include a recommendation to collect data concerning existing instances of shared services. Information that results from such data will be shared with the campus as it is known.

As part of our continuing effort to understand how shared services and related efforts are being implemented across institutions of higher education, we also plan to obtain whatever data we can about the following shared services implementations:

  • University of California Berkeley: Finance, HR, Procurement
  • University of California Davis: HR
  • University of California LA: Administrative restructuring
  • University of California Riverside: Working Smart
  • University of California San Francisco: Operational Excellence
  • University of California Santa Barbara: Operational Excellence
  • University of California System: Procurement
  • California State System (23 campuses): Exploring Procure-to-Pay
  • Dartmouth (includes Academic Schools and Professional Schools): Finance
  • Indiana University System (9 Academic Campuses): Student Administration
  • University of Kansas (multiple regional centers on the main campus): HR
  • University of Michigan: IT, Finance, and HR
  • New York University (multiple campuses): HR
  • University of Texas System Health Institutions (6 Medical Schools/Research/Hospitals): Outsourced Procure-to-pay
  • Virginia Community College System (19 institutions): Assessment phase
  • Yale University: Finance and HR
  • Cornell University: Administrative Streamlining Program
  • Emory University : Business process improvement
  • Purdue University: Sustaining New Synergies
  • University of Florida: Shared Service Centers
  • University of Illinois: Administrative Review and Restructuring
  • University of Missouri System: Operational Excellence
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Carolina Counts / Bain Report
  • University of Wisconsin Madison: Administrative Excellence

Data obtained will be shared with the campus by posting it to the Transforming UT website.

Next Meeting Date


Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Kevin Hegarty
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Academic Representatives:

Randy Diehl
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Liz Gershoff
Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Tom Gilligan
Dean, McCombs School of Business

Ted Gordon
Faculty representative, Department Chair, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies

Chelsea Jones
Student Leadership

Elizabeth Cozzolino
Student Leadership

Joe Sosler
Assistant Dean, College of Pharmacy

Jamie Southerland
Associate Dean for Business Affairs

Alexa Stuifbergen
Dean, School of Nursing

Administrative Representatives:

Cindy Brown
Assistant VP and Business Officer, Research

Pat Clubb
Vice President for University Operations

Debra Kress
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Gage Paine
Vice President for Student Affairs

Charles Roeckle
Deputy to the President

Dan Slesnick
Senior Vice Provost for Resource Management

Stuart Tendler
Graduate Admissions and Placement Coordinator, College of Liberal Arts

UT System Representatives:

Scott Kelley
Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, UT System

Andrea Marks
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

Project Sponsors:

Brad Englert
University Chief Information Officer and ITS Chief Operating Officer

Mary Knight
Associate Vice President