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Information about the status, role and compensation for Accenture 

Since April 2012 Accenture LLP (“Accenture”) has been engaged by the University twice as follows:

April 2012 - Accenture was engaged by the University (Purchase Order (PO) and Statement of Work (SOW)) to “assist UT in connection with the Project Management for the Committee on Business Productivity (CBP) project…which is tasked with the identification of opportunities to reduce administrative costs, improve administrative service levels, and increase revenue from existing sources in a manner that is consistent with UT’s mission.” 

The deliverables to be completed under the SOW were to be delivered to the CBP, not the university. The university was to receive the final report of the CBP. Accenture was engaged because the university did not have the shared services expertise necessary nor the adequate permanent staffing to support the CBP. The initial cost of the work was estimated to be $995,352. After subject amendments to the contract for additional work the final cost paid to Accenture was $1,083,060. 

The university has requested certain information from Accenture referred to as a deliverable in the SOW and provided to the CBP. This information will be posted to the Transforming UT website as it is made available to the university. 

April 2013 – Accenture was engaged by the university (PO and SOW) to “assist UT in connection with the Shared Services Planning Project, which is tasked with planning for a shared services implementation for Finance, Procurement, Human Resources and Information Technology.” Because Accenture has done work for the CBP that supported the recommendation that a shared services model of administration be considered by the campus, the UT Austin administration felt it was appropriate to reengage Accenture. They also demonstrated significant experience with assisting other institutions of higher education in planning and/or implementing shared services. The estimated cost of the work is $2,999,318 and was approved by U.T. System. The work will be completed in February 2014. 

Both procurements were made by utilizing an existing contract for such services put into place by the Texas Department of Information Resources. This is a procurement method that is allowable by State of Texas law and U.T. System and campus policies.

Current Engagement- There is no current contractual engagement of Accenture as of February 6, 2014. As noted above, Accenture is in process of wrapping up the April 2013 engagement. The Shared Services Project Team will likely want to engage the assistance of a consulting firm as part of its piloting of shared services. Those services will be procured through a UT Austin-sponsored competitive bidding process. 

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Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Kevin Hegarty
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Academic Representatives:

Randy Diehl
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Liz Gershoff
Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Tom Gilligan
Dean, McCombs School of Business

Ted Gordon
Faculty representative, Department Chair, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies

Chelsea Jones
Student Leadership

Elizabeth Cozzolino
Student Leadership

Joe Sosler
Assistant Dean, College of Pharmacy

Jamie Southerland
Associate Dean for Business Affairs

Alexa Stuifbergen
Dean, School of Nursing

Administrative Representatives:

Cindy Brown
Assistant VP and Business Officer, Research

Pat Clubb
Vice President for University Operations

Debra Kress
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Gage Paine
Vice President for Student Affairs

Charles Roeckle
Deputy to the President

Dan Slesnick
Senior Vice Provost for Resource Management

Stuart Tendler
Graduate Admissions and Placement Coordinator, College of Liberal Arts

UT System Representatives:

Scott Kelley
Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, UT System

Andrea Marks
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

Project Sponsors:

Brad Englert
University Chief Information Officer and ITS Chief Operating Officer

Mary Knight
Associate Vice President