Asset Utilization

The Business Productivity Subcommittee on Asset Utilization looked at how UT Austin could better leverage its existing assets, UT power plantsuch as selling excess power generated by its own power plant on the open market; incentivizing deans and department heads to conserve power; bringing UT’s food, housing, and parking rates more in line with market values; and taking advantage of outsourcing or privatization opportunities. Following these recommendations could yield up to $290 million over ten years. The amount could dramatically increase as the culture of transformation takes root.

The Subcommittee on Asset Utilization's recommendations regarding asset utilization deal in areas that require varied expertise.  Accordingly, to explore the recommendations, there will be four separate committees established as follows:

Conservation and Building Improvement Strategies (Conservation Committee)

Production and Sale of Surplus Electricity (Electricity Committee)

Food Services Strategies (Food Services Committee)

Parking Strategies (Parking Committee)


The committees will be asked to make recommendations six months after being formed.