Image of yucca plant on campus

The University seeks to continue to make strategic investments, adopt policy changes, and make building improvements that are intended to reduce the use of energy. The committee will prepare a prioritized inventory of possible investments, policy changes, and building improvements that would result in improved conservation. The report will make its recommendations so as to maximize total savings to the university, recognizing that many of these projects may be inter-dependent. The committee will document its work and related recommendations in the form of a report that will be submitted to the President for consideration. The committee may subsequently be asked to implement its recommendations.

The committee chair and membership will be announced in the near future. The work of the committee is expected to conclude and final recommendations made within six months of commencement of work.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:

Joe TenBarge
Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Steve Kraal
Campus Planning & Facilities Management


Dean Appling
College of Natural Sciences

Mark Blount
Bureau of Economic Geology

Thomas Dison
Recreational Sports

John Ekerdt
Cockrell School of Engineering

Kathey Ferland
Cockrell School of Engineering

Michael Garrison
School of Architecture

Joseph Gregory
Parking and Transportation Services

Wayne Hoyer
Red McCombs School of Business

Christine A Plonsky
Intercollegiate Athletics