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Travel Airfare Exception Policy

Effective 10/6/2014, faculty, staff and students may use any online travel reservation system for travel arrangements in addition to the university’s online tool, Concur.

If you decide to use an online reservation tool other than Concur, the purchase invoice submitted to the Office of Accounting for reimbursement should now include the traveler’s statement:

“Online selection is best value as consistent with institutional priorities.”

Travelers and departments no longer need to request an exception through the Travel Management Office for online purchases.

International reservations made through sources other than Concur will need to be entered into the ISOS database manually by the traveler prior to departure, per the Chancellor’s 2010 directive.

Agent assisted reservations should continue to be made through the universities contracted travel agencies, Anthony Travel and Corporate Travel Planners.

Travel Agency assisted reservations:

Who is not required to follow this policy?

Allowable Exemptions and How to Request

Emergency situations for agent assisted reservations

Travel costs are borne by an entity external to UT Austin and agent assisted reservations are made

The Office of Accounting will return any reimbursement document requiring an exception to the department if an exception approval email is not included with the reimbursement request.