Texas Travesty

The Texas Travesty, the largest college humor publication in the nation, outrages a cult following of over 90,000 readers. The loud, lewd and utterly inappropriate Texas Travesty is published once in the summer and three times each spring and fall semester in print (distributing between 25,000 and 30,000 copies on campus and around Austin) and on the Web. covers of Texas TravestyThe quintessential hip and stylish V Magazine recognized the Texas Travesty in its Powerhouse column as “...one of the ten best magazines to come out of college housing.” The Texas Travesty also received The Austin Chronicle’s Best Local Publication award in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Audience Composition:
pie chart showing Texas Travesty readership


…is no joke! Texas Travesty has a cult on-line following of youthful students and professionals who have serious dinero at their disposal.


  • 83.8% of Travesty on-line visitors are 18–34
  • 57.4% are students
  • 25% are professional
  • 43.6% have annual incomes of $65,000+

Ad placement examples

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Texas Travesty event packages

Advertisers can now enhance their exposure to students through Texas Travesty events. Contact your sales representative for details.

Fall Package Benefits

Quarter-page ad in all three fall issues.

Spring/Summer Package Benefits

Quarter-page ad in all four spring/summer issues.

Packages also include the following

Fall and spring/summer:

Logo in promo ads in The Daily Texan and Texas Travesty


  • Signage in theatre at Fall Comedy Show
  • Advertisement on Travesty Web site (one week)


  • Advertisement on Travesty Web site (two week)
  • Logo in "Thank You" on screen at film festival
  • Signage in theatre at Spring Comedy Show and film festival