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Meet BDP Alumni

Bridging Disciplines Programs alumni have built extraordinary professional and academic careers since earning their certificates. Click a BDP alum’s name to learn about his or her BDP experience and career path. If you are an alum, we’d love to hear what you’re doing! Share your story or make updates.

Ann Evans
Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits

I am a curator at The Williamson Museum.

Location: Georgetown, TX

“My BDP experience prepared me for my career path more than my major alone.”

Steven Vanderworp
Digital Arts & Media

I am a media production manager for Campus Renewal Ministries.

Location: Austin, TX

“My BDP experience gave me the opportunity to get a well-rounded education in the different fields of digital media.”

Emily Cadik
Social Inequality, Health & Policy
Plan II, Government

I am a senior policy analyst for Enterprise Community Partners.

Location: Washington, D.C.

“Participating in a BDP helped me select my elective courses from an otherwise overwhelming slate of options, and pursue something practical and focused.”

Emily Callinan
Human Rights & Social Justice

I am pursuing a master of arts degree in counseling at St. Edward’s University.

Location: Austin, TX

“The BDPs influenced me to become an advocate for my clients and to expand my passion for non-profit work.”

Jamie Lippman
Plan II, Marketing

I am a social responsibility specialist for JCPenney.

Location: New York, NY

“My BDP experience gave me the foundation to pave my own career path towards corporate social responsibility.”

Charles Sisemseghan
Global Studies

I am an economist at the Texas Workforce Commission.

Location: Austin, TX

“I am a better and more informed world citizen because of the courses and research experience I completed for my BDP.”

David Drell
Digital Arts & Media

I am a lead character technical director at DreamWorks Animation.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

“One thing that the BDP offered that I wanted to round out my undergraduate experience was the Connecting Experience.”