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Gwen Cubit

Gwen Cubit
Social Work
BDP Certificate: 
Human Rights & Social Justice
Spring 2013

I am currently employed by Austin Travis County Integral Care, where I provide person-centered thinking facilitation, complete crisis plans and assessments, and provide therapeutic interventions.

Location: Austin, TX

“What I value the most about my BDP experience is the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary studies.”

Discuss your general career path since graduating from UT.

After graduation, I immediately started graduate school in the School of Social Work at UT. I chose the Community and Administrative Leadership concentration, which will allow me to work in policy reform. I have developed the leadership skills that will assist me in following my career goals to become an executive director or program development manager in a human services organization.

How did your BDP experience influence your career path and interests?

As a social worker, my profession teaches me the Code of Ethics. Human rights and social justice are two values that are essential components of the Code of Ethics. My BDP experience enhanced these values through courses such as Introduction to Human Rights and Constitutional Rights. I use the knowledge that I gained in both courses during my Connecting Experience internship at the Texas Civil Rights Project, and currently apply that knowledge as a graduate student.

What do you value most about your BDP experience?

What I value the most about my BDP experience is the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary studies. I examined human rights and social justice from the perspectives of English, engineering, government, social work, law, and business. Learning at this level taught me how to look at human rights and social justice in a way I never imagined, which only served to enhance my knowledge.