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Meet BDP Alumni

Bridging Disciplines Programs alumni have built extraordinary professional and academic careers since earning their certificates. Click a BDP alum’s name to learn about his or her BDP experience and career path. If you are an alum, we’d love to hear what you’re doing! Share your story or make updates.

Monica Ramirez

I am an air emissions specialist at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Location: Austin, TX

“I am interested in environmental consulting in the long run. I like the idea of mixing science with industry and policy.”

Tabitha Wills
Children & Society
Speech-Language Pathology

I am pursuing a master of science degree in communication sciences and disorders at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Location: Dallas, TX

“In comparing myself to peers in my graduate program, the Bridging Disciplines Programs have given me an advantage in understanding my clients’ diagnoses and more importantly, in understanding and implementing appropriate therapy strategies.”

Peyton Styles
Children & Society
Communication Sciences and Disorders

I am pursuing a master’s degree in speech-language pathology at UT.

Location: Austin, TX

“The most valuable aspect of my BDP experience was how it broadened my understanding of speech-language pathology.”

Natasha Raisch
Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits

I am an English teacher and grant specialist for AASRAA Trust, and organization that supports and educates children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Location: Dehradun, India

“During my time at UT, I valued the flexibility of my BDP experience, and today, I continue to admire that facet of the program, because I’ve reaped the benefits of having a certificate truly molded to my interests and aspirations.”

Charles Sisemseghan
Global Studies

I am an economist at the Texas Workforce Commission.

Location: Austin, TX

“I am a better and more informed world citizen because of the courses and research experience I completed for my BDP.”

Freddy Gottesman
Ethics & Leadership

I work with user operations at Facebook as an analysis and reporting project manager.

Location: San Francisco, CA

“The BDPs taught me to embrace new challenges and transfer lessons from seemingly unrelated experiences. “

Alexa Sendukas
Global Studies
Government, Plan II

I am enrolled in a dual degree program at Georgetown University, pursuing a master of science degree in international relations and security, and a juris doctor degree in international law.

Location: Washington, D.C.

“I value the Connecting Experiences that I completed through Global Studies BDP, which allowed me to gain hands-on experience in my areas of interest.”