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Meet BDP Alumni

Bridging Disciplines Programs alumni have built extraordinary professional and academic careers since earning their certificates. Click a BDP alum’s name to learn about his or her BDP experience and career path. If you are an alum, we’d love to hear what you’re doing! Share your story or make updates.

Cristina Flores
Human Rights & Social Justice

Location: Washington, D.C.

“[An interdisciplinary education] provided me with the right skills and tools to succeed in various internships, especially those related to policy.”

Sakina Karimjee
Ethics & Leadership
Exercise Science

I am in medical school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Location: Champaign, IL

“My BDP experience helped me be a well-rounded premedical student.”

Sarayu Adeni
Global Studies

Currently, I am a Master of Public Administration candidate in Development Practice at Columbia University in the School of International and Public Affairs.

Location: New York, NY

“My BDP classes often felt like a physical connection to the outside world, challenging my prior knowledge of international development, politics, media, and business, while encouraging exploration.”

Sarah Imboden Clawson
Digital Arts & Media
Computer Science

I am a graphic engineer for Apple Inc.

Location: Cupertino, CA

“Anytime anyone read my resume, they always wanted me to expand on my Bridging Disciplines Programs experience.”

Jamie Lippman
Plan II, Marketing

I am a social responsibility specialist for JCPenney.

Location: New York, NY

“My BDP experience gave me the foundation to pave my own career path towards corporate social responsibility.”

Holly Heinrich
Ethics & Leadership

In Fall 2014, I will begin a master’s degree program in public policy at the University of Cambridge.

Location: Cambridge, England

“My BDP experience has made me very conscious of potential ethical issues that exist in the work I do.”

Caleb Wiley
Ethics & Leadership
Public Relations

I am a professional staff member for the Senate Finance Committee.

Location: Washington, D.C.

“An interdisciplinary education in college has enabled me to stay organized and understand the information I must know versus the information I must understand.”