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Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship Alumni Profiles

The Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship BDP is one of our newest programs. As students move through the program and graduate with an Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship certificate, we will post more profiles of our alumni. Read on to hear about what a couple of our Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship alumni have been doing since graduation.

Kurt Mitschke
Multimedia Journalism, Graduated Spring 2011
As a BDP student, Kurt worked with Professor Iris Chyi to examine whether college students are seeking out new information through online sources, rather than in print newspapers. This project helped him understand the changing trends and new technologies in the journalism industry. Kurt credits the BDPs for helping him become a creative problem solver. He is currently a Marketing Specialist for the Texas MBA Programs at UT Austin.

Laura Herring
Radio-Television-Film, Graduated Spring 2012

Laura joined the Bridging Disciplines Programs to learn more about the skills needed to become an independent filmmaker and start her own production company. For her Connecting Experience, Laura traveled to Sydney, Australia to intern with the Cheeky Food Group, a small business specializing in team building through cooking. As an intern, Laura learned about small business management, and produced demonstration videos for the company’s website. After graduation, Laura founded Red Herring Productions, LLC. Laura is serving as a writer and producer for Red Herring Production’s first film project, The Session, a psychological thriller set to debut in May 2013.