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Spring 2015 BDP Course Offerings

BDP 101 Forum Seminars

BDP 101 courses are restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores, or to students participating in the Bridging Disciplines Programs. The courses meet for two hours per week for the first eight weeks of the semester. They do not satisfy a substantial writing component requirement.

BDP 101: Children & Society
Applies to Children & Society BDP certificate
Professor Cathy Echols, Department of Psychology, and Professor Keryn Pasch, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
This seminar focuses on children and their development within social systems such as families, schools and communities, as well as the individual characteristics and broader cultural values that influence development.

BDP 101: Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies
Applies to Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies and Ethics & Leadership BDP certificates
Professor David Edwards, Department of Government
This course will survey the nature and role of conflict and its resolution at various levels, from the global to the interpersonal, focusing on certain key challenges, such as great power conflicts, civil wars, ethnic conflicts, and urban struggles. We will study the use of conflict as a tool by change agents as well as efforts to resolve conflicts in the interests of peace, justice, and welfare. Special attention will be given to nonviolent campaigns for social change. We will read interesting accounts of various conflicts and efforts to deal with them, along with writings by change agents employing conflict. Class sessions will include presentations by experts from various fields.

BDP 101: Environmental Change & Sustainability
Applies to Environment & Sustainability BDP certificate
Professor Chris Bell, Department of Geological Sciences
In this forum seminar, students will explore the range of environmental challenges that our society faces, including those involving water resources, global change issues, and global and local prospects in energy technologies and solid waste management. The roles of science, policy-making, economic interests, and sustainability will be examined in the context of these issues.

BDP 101: Exploring Digital Arts & Media
Applies to Digital Arts & Media BDP certificate
Professor Bruce Pennycook, School of Music
This seminar aims to present a broad survey of digital art and media. For most of the eight seminars there will be a guest speaker in the first hour then in the second hour there will be a lecture/discussion period based on the presenter’s work and on the general topic. Students in this course will learn about the many areas of specialization that the phrase “digital art & media” covers, ranging from the Internet to game design.

BDP 101: Human Rights & Social Justice
Applies to Human Rights & Social Justice BDP certificate
Professor Robert Jensen, School of Journalism
This seminar will explore key concepts in rights and justice; examine how governments, movements, and individuals try to advance these principles through law and political organizing; and evaluate the possibilities and problems in securing human rights and social justice in the contemporary world. Scholars from various disciplines will visit the classroom to share their research and experiences. Through in-class discussion and written assignments, students will identify and analyze human rights and social justice controversies, drawing on the varied intellectual and ideological perspectives from readings and guest lectures.

BDP 101: Intro to Cultural Studies
Applies to Media, Culture & Identities BDP certificate
Professor John Hartigan, Department of Anthropology
This course