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Completing Connecting Experiences

Once your Connecting Experience is approved, you can get to work. There are a few BDP requirements you will need to fulfill in order to complete the experience and receive credit toward your certificate.

Required Check-ins

These check-in meetings give you the opportunity to talk with advisors and other students about how your experience is going and to troubleshoot any problems you may be having. You’ll also learn about writing the required reflection essay, how to build on your experience, and opportunities for sharing your project with others.

  • The first Check-in is online, and the second Check-in is in-person
  • BDP will notify you via email about the Check-in dates and times
  • For students participating in Connecting Experiences outside of Austin or over the summer, email contact with your advisor may substitute for attending the meetings

Reflection Essay

  • Students completing a Connecting Experience MUST write a Reflection Essay. These essays are always due on the last class day of the semester. See our calendar for exact dates.
  • Use this prompt (PDF) to write your Reflection Essay.
  • You can upload your essay using our online submission form

BDP Poster Session

  • UT’s Office of Undergraduate Research works with the BDP office to provide workshops and consultation on how to make a scholarly poster to present your research or internship.
  • Creative Projects can presented on laptops at the Poster Session.
  • All BDP students are strongly encouraged to present your work at the annual BDP Poster Session in the Spring semester.

Grade Requirements

  • In order for your Connecting Experience to count toward your certificate you must earn at least a C- for the experience.
  • For BDP 320, 320F, 321 faculty mentors will receive email notification about how and when to submit grades.
  • If you earn an incomplete for the semester you should contact your BDP advisor and faculty mentor to establish a plan for finishing the experience and earning your grade.