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Digital Arts & Media Connecting Experiences

All Digital Arts & Media students are required to participate in at least one Connecting Experience as part of their BDP work. All students must take one individual creative project course, under the supervision of two faculty mentors from different departments. In addition, students have the option of participating in one other Connecting Experience that may be an internship or research experience. Take a look at what some Digital Arts & Media students have done recently for their BDP Connecting Experiences, then read on for additional information and resources.

Past Connecting Experiences

Connecting Experiences Spotlight

Nidhi Reddy

Major: Math, Radio-Television-Film
Type of Experience: Creative Project, The Yellow Wallpaper”
Mentor: Ben Bays, Radio-Television-Film and Brian Bremen, English

Describe your creative project and how you came up with the idea.
I created a rotoscoped animation based on the short story The Yellow Wallpaper by feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The story is about a depressed woman who is driven to insanity after being prescribed by her physician husband to stay inactive in a room covered in yellow wallpaper. I was inspired to turn this story into an animation because I wanted to transfer its eerie atmosphere into an interesting audio-visual piece.

What type of skills did you gain while working on this project?
I created the animation by tracing over 2,000 frames of video in Adobe Flash, creating backgrounds in Photoshop, compositing and adding other animation to the subclips in AfterEffects, and assembling the entire piece and creating an audio mix in Final Cut Pro. This was the first time I had rotoscoped, so I definitely gained patience and time management skills. I also became more familiar with AfterEffects and learned how to enhance Flash animations so that they would not have a flat appearance. Additionally, because the storyline is based on an existing story, I learned how to modify a story to fit a short time frame, while still including the necessary details.

Discuss the relationship that you had with your faculty mentors and how they helped you with your project.
Ben Bays was my primary faculty mentor, and he assisted me with the technical aspects of my project, giving me tips for how to speed up my process and how to enhance the visual effects. My secondary mentor was Brian Bremen, an English professor who has analyzed The Yellow Wallpaper in his courses. My first meeting with him was very helpful in my understanding of the character’s behavioral changes throughout the story.

In what ways has this Connecting Experience shaped your plans for the future?
Throughout college, I have changed majors multiple times and have explored vastly different fields. I’ve realized that the more I create content, the more I am certain that this is what I want to do with my future. This Connecting Experience has reinforced my desire to make digital art, and it has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in this field.

Read about past Connecting Experiences for Digital Arts & Media.

Past Digital Arts & Media Connecting Experiences

There is no “list” of possible Connecting Experiences to choose from because Connecting Experiences are designed to fit your own personal interests and goals. With that in mind, here are some of the creative project, internship, and research experiences Digital Arts & Media students have had in the past. They might help you get started brainstorming what you might want to do for your Connecting Experiences.

Past Internship Placements

Past Creative Projects

In the past, students have produced many creative projects, including

  • 3-D models for a U.S. Military project at Digital Media Collaboratory, IC2 Institute
  • A rotoscope animation project based on the literary work The Yellow Wallpaper
  • A video game, designed by using hand-drawn images and digital tools
  • A prototype of an automated guitar tuner
  • A web-based mobile application for Texas Ultimate’s annual tournament
  • A web-based peer-to-peer learning system at the ACTLab
  • Animations illustrating different acting skills
  • An interactive book that allows readers to advance the story and engage in learning online
  • An interactive animated video to illustrate biological processes and help biology students check for understanding of content
  • An animated music video displayed through augmented reality on a digital device
  • Software used by artists and designers to enhance the creative process
  • Story content for a student game project called NERO

Past Research & Creative Projects

In the past, students have conducted research on

  • Alternative methods of gaming
  • Culture and technology in connection with the Maymester in Vienna, Austria
  • Developing alternative computer game interfaces
  • Digital representations of musician’s movements
  • The Italian Neorealist film movement
  • Masculine and feminine roles in 50s films
  • Musical traditions in a modern urban setting; Berlin, Germany
  • Real-world and virtual identity development on
  • The use of digital technology in Yoruba music