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Research Connecting Experiences can be a research assistantship or an independent research project. To have a successful research experience, make sure to

  • Plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • Keep in touch with your BDP advisor to discuss your plans

Self Assessment

  • Clarify your interest and objectives relative to your BDP topic and strand
  • Use our Self Assessment worksheet (PDF) to guide you

Research Assistantships

A research assistantship is an opportunity for students to work with faculty on a research project. Most research assistantship positions are created because students ask professors about the possibility. Be proactive! Explore resources below for potential assistantship positions and ideas.

Independent Research Projects

Use the tips below to help you develop an independent research project.

Choose a topic or idea

  • Brainstorm topics related to your BDP
  • Explore your ideas through writing or journaling
  • Consider using current events as the basis for formulating a topic
  • Think about issues or articles you’ve explored in course discussions
  • <