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The Connecting Experience Process

There are three main pieces of the Connecting Experience process

  • Completing the contract
  • Mentoring during the semester of the experience
  • Reporting the grade

Completing the Contract

Before the student can be registered for a Connecting Experience, he or she must complete a contract with the faculty mentor who will be overseeing and assigning a grade for the experience.

The deadline for the student to turn in the Connecting Experience contract is the 4th class day of the semester, although these deadlines are earlier for Connecting Experiences outside the US and for summer experiences. The student is responsible for meeting these deadlines.

The contract includes the following components:

  • One-page statement: This describes the student’s proposed Connecting Experience, how the experience connects with his or her BDP topic and strand, and why he or she chose his or her faculty mentor. Your student should share their one-page statement with you, and you may need to help them refine the statement. For example, many undergraduates need help with narrowing the scope of a research project to make it achievable in one semester.
  • Completed contract form: Students must consult with you to complete parts II and III of the form, which outline the student requirements/basis for grading, the meeting/contact schedule, and other expectations for the student. See Student Requirements and Basis for Grading for more information.
  • Internship information: For students in an internship experience, students must also coordinate with their on-site Internship Supervisor to complete information related to the internship. You may ask to see this part of the contract if you choose, but students are responsible for filling it out with the Internship Supervisor and returning it to the BDP office.

Once submitted, the BDP office will review the contract, and th