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Find an Undergraduate Researcher

Are you interested in finding an undergraduate student to assist on a research project? The Bridging Disciplines Programs and the School of Undergraduate Studies can help you find undergraduate researchers.

Advertise a position to BDP students only

Contact Emily Watson about advertising your project to BDP students. Please note that in order for a research experience to count toward a BDP student’s Connecting Experience requirements, the experience must be relevant to the student’s BDP focus, and the student will have to turn in a signed Connecting Experience contract no later than the fourth day of the fall or spring semester, or the first day of the summer term.

To advertise your project, please include the following

  • Your name, department, and contact information
  • A brief description of your research project
  • A brief description of the responsibilities the student will have assisting on your project
  • Which semester(s) you would like the student to be available
  • A list of any special qualifications or restrictions on who should apply for the position
  • Instructions for how to apply (e.g. what materials you want from students, how do you want to be contacted, and by what deadline)

Advertise a position to all UT undergraduates

EUREKA is an online resource for undergraduate researchers. Any faculty member can post a research project, which will then become available to students through a searchable database.