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Digital Arts & Media

Information technology for creative production has brought about significant changes in how we create — and just as importantly, how we consume — art and media. The presence of advanced computer technologies in nearly every aspect of the entertainment sector and commercial media production points to the need for knowledge and skills in both the arts and the sciences.

The Digital Arts and Media BDP is designed to guide students toward careers in this dynamic field by providing a unique mix of courses from Fine Arts, Radio-TV-Film, Computer Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. The BDP provides a framework for students to explore and create work that pushes the boundaries of traditional disciplines and media. The foundation courses provide the conceptual scaffolding for exploring new media and developing new skills, while the strand courses allow students to pursue individual interests in games and entertainment, image and film, mixed media, music and audio, or other areas.

An interdisciplinary faculty panel helps students choose courses related to Digital Arts and Media, produce creative digital projects, and identify connecting research and internship opportunities.