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Digital Arts & Media Archived Student Profiles

Name: Jennifer McClelan
BDP: Digital Arts and Media
Major: Computer Science

Why did you apply to the Digital Arts and Media BDP?
I am interested in working with computer graphics and digital animation. Being a computer science major gave me the technical background I needed, but I was looking to expand my creative experiences. The Digital Arts and Media BDP was the perfect place to get into the classes I wanted.

What has been the biggest benefit of the BDP for you?
The BDP allowed me to get into classes where I was able to learn video editing, special effects, motion graphics, and digital animation techniques.

How have the BDPs helped shape your plans for the future?
The classes I took through the BDP helped me develop my portfolio for a career in digital media and expose me to the tools I will be using in the field.

What would you want other students to know about the BDPs?
They are perfect if you’re interested in two major areas of study and want to know how you can blend the two together. BDPs are also a great way to get research and internship experience.

Name: Shane Kerr
BDP: Digital Arts and Media
Major: Undeclared

What attracted you to the BDPs?
I found the BDP to provide a starting point for me to narrow down my wide range of interests. I wasn’t completely sure what major I wanted, but I did know the general direction I wanted to follow. The Digital Arts and Media BDP had classes that covered all my potential options.

How have the BDPs helped shape your plans for the future?
With the multidisciplinary focus of the BDP, I have been able to cross off certain careers I thought would be interesting, and I have discovered new and emerging areas of interest that I never would have thought about. Originally, I was only interested in graphic design and 3-D animation, but through the BDP and other coursework, I have a more distributed perspective of the world, media, and education in general, and I place more emphasis on pedagogy, epistemology, and how we relate to our environment.

What would you want other students to know about the BDPs?
Everyone is really interested in bringing down the borders between disciplines, which reflects the interests of the students full force. As I have learned, bringing disciplines together at this point involves many obstacles, so don’t expect to necessarily get into any and all classes you want. But often times, a close alternative can bring new opportunities to the table that you never thought you’d be interested in.