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Environment Faculty Panel

The faculty panel oversees the curriculum for the program, reviews applications from prospective students, and participates in community-building events. Members also mentor BDP students in Connecting Experiences.

  • Chris Bell, Ph.D.
    Panel Chair
    Department of Geological Sciences
  • Jay Banner, Ph.D.
    Department of Geological Sciences
    Environmental Science Institute
  • Jim Dyer, Ph.D.
    Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management
  • Travis LaDuc, Ph.D.
    Texas Memorial Museum, Herpetology Division
  • Des Lawler, Ph.D.
    Department of Civil Engineering
  • Suzanne Pierce, Ph.D.
    Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Mary Poteet, Ph.D.
    Department of Integrative Biology and Department of Geological Sciences
  • Jeanette Herman, Ph.D.
    Ex Officio Member
    Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives and Director, Bridging Disciplines Programs