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Film Studies Requirements

Film Studies is no longer accepting new students.

With 19 credit hours of coursework and connecting experiences, students may earn a BDP certificate in Film Studies. For a complete list of courses and requirements:
download the Film Studies BDP curriculum sheet (PDF).

Foundation Courses [4 hours]

  • Forum Seminar
  • RTF 314: Development of the Motion Picture

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Courses in a Strand [9-12 hours]

Choose from at least two:

  • Film History
  • Film Form and Style
  • Film and Other Media
  • National and Transnational Cinemas

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Connecting Experiences [3-6 hours]

BDP advisors assist students in finding meaningful connecting research and/or internship experiences related to Film Studies.

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Integration Essay

3-4 page essay written at the end of the BDP experience, drawing together the different pieces of the BDP.

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BDP Certificate in Film Studies

Courses counting toward a BDP in Film Studies may also satisfy core, major, and elective requirements in a student’s degree plan. With planning, the BDP should not add time to students’ UT careers, but instead helps students choose the courses they already have to take in an integrated way.