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Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits Advising

One of the biggest benefits of being in the Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits BDP is that you have access to individualized advising services. Rose Mastrangelo, the BDP advisor and connecting experiences advisor for Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits, specializes in:

  • helping you find courses from different disciplines that match your interests;
  • helping you integrate your BDP work with your degree plan; and
  • helping you find unique research and internship opportunities connected to your interests and career goals.

Coursework Advising

Students in the Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits BDP should plan to come in for coursework advising with Rose Mastrangelo once each long semester during registration.

Connecting Experience Advising

Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits students must complete at least one connecting experience as part of the BDP. Rose can help you through the entire process, from brainstorming creative project, research, and internship possibilities to helping you get course credit for the experience. Remember that it can take time to find the right connecting experience for you, so contact Rose the semester before you want to be in a connecting experience.

Rose Mastrangelo Rose Mastrangelo, M.Ed.
232-7564 for an appointment

Rose Mastrangelo, M.Ed.

BDP Advisor, Archer Program at UT Austin Coordinator

Rose Mastrangelo joined the Bridging Disciplines Programs in October 2011 as the advisor for the Environment, Digital Arts & Media, and Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits Bridging Disciplines Programs. Rose also serves as the coordinator for the Archer Program at UT Austin. Prior to joining the BDPs, Rose worked as an advisor in the Center for Strategic Advising in the School of Undergraduate Studies at UT Austin, in addition to past experiences in the non-profit sector as an Americorps *VISTA Volunteer Coordinator and a Senior Program Associate at the PBS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Rose graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a B.A. in English and received an M.Ed. in Counselor Education from UT Austin.