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Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin
History, Government
BDP Certificate: 
Global Studies
Spring 2011

Kevin interned with Global Youth Connect in Bosnia and Rwanda to meet requirements for his Global Studies certificate. In Bosnia, he worked within regions acutely affected by the Bosnian war to help local NGO’s and government agencies craft educational workshops focused on collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution strategies. In Rwanda, Kevin interned with FACEAIDS and helped conduct site visits and service learning activities.

“My hands-on experience in post-conflict societies directly influenced the ways in which I wrote about the material, engaged current events, evaluated academic works, and spoke about them in both formal and informal contexts.”

Describe the work you did with Global Youth Connect.
Both the Bosnia and Rwanda programs emphasized social justice, activism, and reconciliation specifically catering to youth within the context of human rights and development. Each program combined educational workshops, volunteering, and home stays in order to provide experiential and hands-on learning. Some specific activities we did were a three-day conflict transformation workshop with local youth in Bosnia, grant-writing for a local NGO, interviewing detainees and advocating on behalf of their rights in western Rwanda, and assisting with the annual report for a Rwandan NGO.

How did this experience connect to your BDP?
My BDP is Global Studies (Inte