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Taylor McCaslin

Taylor McCaslin
Theatre and Dance
BDP Certificate: 
Digital Arts & Media
Spring 2013

Digital Arts & Media BDP student Taylor interned as an Assistant Stage Manager for Rude Mechanicals. This theater company specializes in a hybrid art form that incorporates digital theater into live theater performances.

“I have developed an understanding of the development of digital theatre productions in hopes of preparing myself for the future of professional stage management in digital theatre.”

How did you find out about this internship project?
I had a professor in my college who directed me to the Rude Mechanicals Theatre Company, knowing they needed a stage manager, and knowing that I was interested in working a digital theatre production. After contacting the theatre and securing the internship, I decided it was perfect for my studies in Digital Arts & Media. Sometimes the best internships can be found straight through your home college.

Tell us about the internship application process.
I secured the internship without the intention of using it for my connecting experience. My BDP advisor heard of my internship and told me it could be used as my connecting experience, and thus the ball started rolling. I wrote a proposal, found a faculty mentor, and prepared a budget [for the scholarship application].

Describe the work you completed during the course of your internship.
Through my internship with The Rude Mechanicals, I worked on the digital theatre production of Kirk Lynn