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Sample Proposal: Independent Inquiry

College of Fine Arts

Please direct all questions about the flag proposal process to the Center for the Core Curriculum.

ART 361K: Painting IV

Department of Art and Art History

How does the proposed course satisfy the flag requirements?*

Advanced levels of studio art instruction require students to think independently, undertake creative work, and to present finished works to others. Students will be examining and pursuing their own personal vision and dialogue to prepare for an independent studio practice.

Describe typical assignments related to Independent Inquiry.

Completed paintings, and paintings in progress, will be discussed in group classroom critiques and one on one with the instructor. Students will be asked to participate and express themselves in class discussions and critiques. Each student will complete at least five paintings during the course of the semester. Expect to spend time painting outside of the class every week in addition to class time.

Please explain how at least one-third of the course grade is based on content related to Independent Inquiry.

100% of final grade is derived from physical manifestation of independent inquiry in the form of completed paintings.

*The questions on the Independent Inquiry proposal form have changed since this proposal was submitted. Please see the Independent Inquiry Proposal Tips page for the current questions.

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